Corporate Structuring/Restructuring

We structure and restructure businesses for maximum tax efficiency in all sectors including retail, construction, agribusiness, nursing homes, property development, pharmacies, accommodation etc.

We operate a hands-on-approach from the first meeting where we gather all relevant information up to the implementation of an optimum restructuring solution. This includes making all submissions to Revenue and Companies Registration Office.

Our approach ensures that businesses are structured in a more tax-efficient manner and ensures that the businesses have a structure that is fit for purpose and allows the business to grow successful into the future.

CTS in Action - Case Study



The Client is a family-owned SME in the service sector whose business was growing to such an extent that the existing corporate structure was no longer fit-for-purpose.

The family wished to re-organise the business with a view to business expansion, succession planning and putting in place a non-disclosure structure.


CTS Actions

  • Reviewed existing structure and examined the SME’s short and long-term plans for the growth of the business.
  • Determined that a more robust corporate structure was required and we prepared a road map for the transfer of the business to the next generation.
  • Put in place a corporate group with a number of companies within the group, thus removing the requirement to file accounts with the Companies Registration Office.
  • Obtained Revenue approval in advance of the restructuring.



The revised structure serves the client’s purpose effectively, allowing unimpeded business expansion. There has also been a tax-efficient transfer of a part of the business to the next generation.

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