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About CTS

Established in 2007, CTS are tax specialists and tax experts. Our People have the specialised experience and qualifications to make your business finances as tax-efficient as they can possibly be.

Not only will we provide you with the best advice, we will prepare all necessary paperwork and deal with the Revenue Commissioners, Companies Registration Office and other authorities on your behalf.

We specialise in tax and work closely with our clients and their advisors to deliver an outstanding tax service, in a confidential, timely and cost efficient way.

You can always be assured of the quality and independence of our advice.

If you want to find out more about us and the services we provide please contact us on 065 684 0630 or at info@cahilltaxation.ie.

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The People



At CTS, our focus is tax.

We structure companies, sales, acquisitions, inheritances, succession and debt so that they are as efficient as possible from a tax perspective. We maximise reliefs, we minimise exposure and we ensure that compliance requirements are met. We negotiate with Revenue where necessary.


When you contact us

We will assess and scrutinise your current situation forensically to identify how it can be improved from a tax planning perspective. We then recommend the most efficient solution – this might mean restructuring your business in advance of a sale or acquisition or reorganising a business for retirement or succession plan purposes.


Finally, we implement the solution.

By preparing all necessary company secretarial paperwork and ensuring that the transactions are compliant with Revenue requirements and that all available reliefs are claimed.


At CTS, we do all things tax.

We are here to provide tax solutions and at CTS we have the country’s best, most experienced and qualified tax professionals on our team.

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